For few years example of the most known countries for summertime. How is it currently?

Created by: Roman Boed
Recently, Greece met many bad things. First of all, economic crisis, that so much violated the economy of that place. Although for most of Europe will finish it already, but in Greece it still lasts. Afterwards the immigration problem. How is it nowadays?

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Why is Wroclaw such a popular metropolis for medical tourism among western travelers?

Created by: Dick Thomas Johnson
Year after year, the quantity of foreign patients who undergo dental operations in Poland increments. It is predicted that Poland is nowadays the second most visited country for the reason of the medical touristry, just behind Hungary.

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An attractive opportunity to significantly decrease the expenses thanks to investing in dental tourism Poland

Created by: Oliver Symens
Poland thanks to several reasons, compared with other countries in the Europe, is a country, in which we are able to buy various products significantly less expensively. One of the most attractive examples is referred to services of doctors. Here, despite the fact that we ought not to save money on healthcare, we ought to also be aware of the fact that Polish doctors are thought to be experts in their field.

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