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By | 9 July 2021
Nowadays, many of people in Poland having their own corporations. Most of them are selling various sorts of goods, not just in our country, but also abroad. If you are an important businessman and you have a factory of any machines, you possibly have a lot of collaborators in the European Union. Nothing odd in that, it is the greatest method to earn a lot of money in a short period of time. But if you want to start your interests also in Russia, it would be much more hard. Cause this country isn’t a member of EU and they have their own law.

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Autor: Susanne Nilsson

Each type of products, which were made in other place then Russia, need to be tested if you wish to sell it in here. If you are a producer of technological items, you need to get a GOST certificate. Also if not each single type of products need to get this certificate to be on the Russian marketplace, but it is important for you to have it anyway. Cause citizens in this country do not trust foreign goods, so if you wouldn’t get Russian GOST, you should not probably betoo much popular in this place. Every single manufacturer have a chance to get this certificate, you only have to go to the decent bureau and ask for it, and this process won’t be short, you need to be ready for this.

At the start you need to write to the decent department of the Russia, which is giving GOST certificate – certificate. You have to tell them all about your products, they should give you a category A or B when last one is for self imposed tests. Then you would have to prepare many of paper work and send it to the correct laboratory in Moscow, which is preparing such a examinations. After they work is finish, you will get your Russian GOST ( Quality Conformity), after several of weeks, if you are fortunate. But if you don’t have so much time, you could ask a special company to act in your name with getting this quality. There are a lot of Polish companies which are offering such services, you may check them out online. They are experts in this task, so it will took a lot time less to get it by them. You only have to type them down a permission to act in your name.When you like your corporation to be even bigger, it’s a really nice idea to begin to sell your goods inside the Russia. But unluckily, if you wish do do so, you have to get a proper certification, not just because of this area’s law, but either to be trusted by potential contractors.